Written by Bobbie Match and Kenneth Fink - Illustrated by Alexandra Adlawan

Introducing Stacey!

Our Main Character


Our first book introduces children to Stacey.

Stacey can be described as being authentic, determined, spunky and well intentioned. What she loves most is dressing up in Princess Costumes, Fancy Dresses and Party Shoes.   Like most young children Stacey can’t wait to celebrate her birthday!

“And today’s the day!” she cheered. “It’s the day I begin my birthday party invitation list!”

This story guides children through Stacey’s difficulty with understanding non-verbal communication and body language. “Sometimes what you see really might be something else.”

Busy One Books Publications supports parents and teachers in guiding children in self-awareness through appropriate action with tools to help them navigate social experiences as they develop and grow.

Children enjoy a reading by co-author Bobbie Match of
You Are Not Invited To My Birthday Party!

You Are Not Invited to MY Party

A page from the book, You Are Not Invited To My Birthday Party!

Busy One Books for Children

With our book series we strive to intrigue young learners by re-creating familiar interactions that occur routinely between children in classroom environments that they can relate to and learn from!

Parents/Teachers can reinforce Developmental Learning with one full page dedicated to; “Questions for Discussion,” “Questions for Social/Emotional Growth,” and “Vocabulary Words.”

For “Sensory Processing” we recommend ordering the Stacey Doll Option (still in production) for children who learn best by touching textures or you can simply order the Stacey Doll to have as your own lovable character.

Not Invited to My Party Reading with Parents

Immerse Your Children

Talk together about, “thinking the best about others” and share the story about Stacey’s journey to self-awareness.


Now Available In Print

You Are Not Invited to My Birthday Party!

Our newest title is now available in a soft-cover book for home or classroom.  You may purchase the book now by clicking on the link below!

Share Stacey’s learning experiences with your children to teach them how to solve problems by themselves. This way they can become confident, independent and successful individuals who can manage their emotions.

You're not invited to MY birthday party!
Written by Bobbie Match and Kenneth Fink – Illustrated by Alexandra Adlawan​


Their Words...

“A social guide for young children who have definitely heard that familiar phrase among peers. It identifies and teaches young readers emotional communication through clear examples and touches on social-pragmatic inferencing skills. This book requires the reader to examine, relate, and analyze all aspects of a problem and challenges them to understand social-moral attitudes. I especially love the questions for discussion page! Asking Wh-questions is a common method of teaching that challenges the reader academically and socially. The book can be easily used by parents, teachers and clinicians.”

Elizabeth Mitchell, M.S.,

Speech-Language Pathologist and Owner/Founder of Orange County Speech Services, a Pediatric Developmental Therapy Center located in Huntington Beach, CA.

“Not only a brilliantly and tenderly crafted children’s book, but also an essential guide for parents and teachers! Starting early to help children develop empathy, critical thinking and problem-solving skills can go a long way toward building a confident learner, a socially adept classmate, and a highly effective and a well-respected employee. As a veteran secondary teacher, I could easily see adapting “You Are Not Invited To My Birthday Party,” as a metaphorical tool at the High School level for group discussions of social problem solving situations, such as bullying and social isolation. I highly recommend this book for every age level!”

Leslie Goldstein MA.,

Special Education, High School Dept. Chair

“No one is more committed to the well-being and education of preschool aged children than Bobbie. Her years of experience teaching preschoolers has inspired her to write wonderful stories. This insightful, informative book for young children to learn social skills is an easily understood and captivating story. What makes it even more special are the illustrations by Alexandra Adlawan, an artist who also has Autism. Her illustrations capture the essence of the story in her beautiful characters. This is an awesome book for teaching important social skills to children with and without special needs! Thank you Bobbie and Alexandra!”

Dina C. Kaplan,

Special Education Attorney and Director of the K.E.N. Project