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Busy One Book Title:

You Are Not Invited To My Party!

ISBN: 978-0-578-74377-6

You're not invited to MY birthday party!

“You are not invited to My birthday party!” may be the most devastating insult a 4-year-old can level at a friend. But what happens when you don’t have any friends left to invite to your birthday party? That’s Stacey’s dilemma. Read how she learns to understand and interpret non-verbal cues.

Busy One Book Title:

Love Potion #8.125

ISBN:  978-0-578-89388-4


“Love Potion #8.125” follows Stacey and her new discovery. Fascinated and amazed, she becomes distracted from other important things.  Read how Stacey learns that sharing brings her more joy than the fascination found in her discovery.

Busy One Book Title:

I Just Don't Know

ISBN:  978-168524065-3

In “I Just Don’t Know,” Stacey learns the value of being honest when she doesn’t know the answer to a question that’s being asked of her. Reminded by her friend, Stacey realizes that even though you don’t have the correct answer it’s OK to just be truthful and to reply with, “I just don’t know?”

Busy One Book Gift:

Stacey Doll

Busy One Books Stacy Doll

Stacey is the beloved celebrity character from the Busy One Books series. The Stacey doll is a sweet, soft, precious and huggable friend for your child.